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Albane Buriel

+33 (0)6 47 75 06 97

Paris, France

Curriculum vitae (pdf)


Albane Buriel is a PhD candidate and an expert in the fields of humanitarian aid, artistic practices and education in conflict zones. With a wealth of experience in intercultural mediation and arts education for different audiences worldwide, she is now a consultant to humanitarian organizations for arts and creative education as a didactician and trainer for non-formal education practitioners in emergency situations (Syria and Iraq recently). She is currently working on a thesis in her fields of interest to understand the artistic experiences of young people (socio emotional learning, creativity, etc.), in emergency education initiatives in displaced camps in the Middle East.


3 areas of specialization:

  1. Non-formal education in emergency humanitarian aid (didactics of arts education)

  2. Education in situations of displacement (international migration and refugee camps)

  3. Political ideologies and educational systems (wartime enrolment process)